With AI technology, I could be in films after I pass away. – TOM HANKS

Tom Hanks has hinted that artificial intelligence may be used to carry on his profession after his passing.

The Cast Away and Forrest Gump actor said that the technology could be used to reproduce his likeness, guaranteeing his continuing participation in motion pictures “from now until kingdom come.”

But he acknowledged that the changes presented both aesthetic and legal difficulties.
He made his comments at the same time as Neil Tennant of the Pet Shop Boys said that artists may finish songs using AI.
In the most recent episode of The Adam Buxton podcast, Hanks, 66, was questioned about the legal implications of the new technology.

This has been lingering forever, he said. The Polar Express was the first film we produced with a significant quantity of our own data stored in a computer, which was a literal representation of who we were.

We anticipated this development since we knew it would be possible to create faces and characters out of zeros and ones found within computers. Since then, it has only multiplied by a billion, and we can see it everywhere.

The first totally animated movie made using digital motion capture was The Polar Express, which was released in 2004.

Hanks said that discussions regarding how to shield performers from the impacts of the technology are now taking place in the film business.

In order to determine the legal repercussions of my face, my voice, and everyone else’s being our intellectual property, talks are currently taking place in all guilds, agencies, and law companies, Hanks said.

The fact that I could get together and propose a series of seven films in which I would play the lead while remaining 32 years old from now till the end of the world is a genuine possibility right now.

Hanks claimed that the film industry is currently having debates about how to protect performers from the effects of technology.

Discussions are presently going place in all guilds, agencies, and law firms to identify the legal ramifications of my face, my voice, and everyone else’s becoming our intellectual property, Hanks stated.

Right now, there is a real potential that I might come together and suggest a run of seven pictures in which I would star and stay 32 years old for the whole run of the films.

Harrison Ford, 80, was “de-aged” for the opening scene of the newest Indiana Jones movie using a similar process.

In order to give the impression that Indiana Jones is in 1944, filmmakers searched through old video of the younger Ford and matched it to fresh footage.

Hanks stated that future technology advancements may result in an artificial intelligence-generated version of him showing up in films he might not typically pick.

People will undoubtedly be able to discern [that it’s AI], but will they care?, he remarked. Some folks won’t give a damn and won’t draw that distinction.

Conflicting opinions on the usage of AI by musicians are creating problems for the music business.

The Weekend and Drake’s cloned voices were used in a song that was removed from streaming sites last month, but Grimes has urged artists to use her voice instead.

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