Tell them how the crowds went wild: Taylor Swift fans in Houston are ready for the Eras Tour

Houston City Hall to illuminate 'Lavender Haze' for Taylor Swift all weekend

Tell them how the crowds went wild: Taylor Swift fans in Houston are ready for the Eras Tour

All three shows in Houston are sold out, as fans from all over the state head to NRG Park to celebrate the eras of Taylor Swift.

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Taylor Swift is touring again, and it’s hard to overemphasize how big a deal this is for her fan base.

Swift hasn’t toured since 2018, and in the five years since she has released four new albums and re-recorded several of her older albums with new songs added.

Six of the first dozen or so shows of Swift’s Eras Tour are in Texas – three were in early March at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, and three this weekend at NRG Stadium in Houston – and fans are beyond ready for the pop star to come back to the Lone Star State.

Swifties are very loyal, and part of their dedication comes from how long they have been listening. Cara Gustafson, a 31-year-old Austinite who has tickets for Houston, says she’s been listening to Swift for almost half her life and knows every song.

“I just feel like she’s just been such a part of my life,” she said. “For every phase of my life and every album I can think of where I was when it came out and where I was at that time in my life.”

For longtime fans like her, the Eras Tour is extra special: Swift is playing music from across all 10 of her albums – taking concertgoers through all the eras of her career.

Fans bonding over traditions new and old

There is a sense that these concerts are bringing communities together, and not just locally. Many people are flying in to shows from other cities. Several videos have surfaced of planefuls of Swifties having sing-alongs en route.

And there are traditions for the Eras Tour that fans established before the first song was even sung. Many are making dozens of friendship bracelets to bring and exchange with strangers. People are also painting Taylor’s lucky number 13 on their hands and writing lyrics on their arms.

But Pitcher says that what’s more important than this tour is what Swift’s music has done for her throughout her life.

“I’ve always been able to return to some Taylor Swift song that makes me feel like seen emotionally, makes my emotions feel validated. It’s catharsis singing in the car,” she said. “She’s been around for much of my formative years. And, you know, she’s just like a friend at this point. She’s a pal. And I just really appreciate what she’s done and how she’s there for everyone.”

And at the six upcoming concerts in Texas, Swift’s fans are going to be there for her right back – at least those who were lucky enough to get tickets.


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